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Default Brown in the Default 5 theme

Personally i love default theme, except: colors.

I'm one of those, who hate brown, green and yellow colors. Never had a car or cloth in these colors anything and these colors are... depressing me and they are destroying my creativity.

IMHO I know, there is more people, who like blue, purple, red colors than brown, yellow and green. Just enough to look at cars people are driving.

Keep in mind, that cars with colors like Reaper are not selling as well as others.

I've tried change colors of meters and that has worked, but I can't get rid of that brown and dark brown bg almost everywhere.

I hate even colors of this forum... greenish.

But that is no anyone fault, just preferences and taste. Even in music I love blue, red and sounds do have colors.

So I was searching for std theme with no brown in it at all.

Does such theme exists?

I know, that other themes have nice colors but... not as clever as the basic clear Default 5 theme.

Maybe someone has Default 5 theme with deep blue underground instead of... brrrrr.... brown.

Unfortunately beer is yellow and whisky is brown but... I can put up with these ones! :-) Easy!!!!!!

I can't do theme like that by myself.

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