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Default FR Reaper 6 Default Theme - TCP Track Name field

This may or may not require some new WALTER stuff, and it's a simple request. It's a set of conditions for showing the TRACK NAME on the TCP.
Ability to prioritize expanding the size of the TRACK NAME field over showing more elements on the TCP
In the default 1-element-height TCP, once the TCP width shows all the elements, the TCP expands in to dead space on its right side, instread of giving the TRACK NAME field more room.

To illustrate

Now expanded to the right, but instead of expanding the track name, it created dead space on the right.

This is counterproductive, since dead space is unlikely to be as useful as the track name in what is likely to be all instances.

Hence the request to update the default theme either now or for v6, with new WALTER capabilities if necessary to address this problem.

I do realize that some folks will want to prioritize icons.

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