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Hi Justin,

Posting my report in the appropriate thread.

I have done some extensive testing with the clang pre release with different types of videos..some pro res, some, H264, Some DNX HD, some MJPEG, MKVs, MOVs, MP4s etc with different decoder settings (VLC, AV Foundation, QT, FFMPEG). One good thing is that the shearing is completely gone. The video playback is generally good. But I feel the general graphics performance has taken a hit. Here are the issues I have with the clang version

1. Forward a bit and rewind a bit definitely doesn't refresh the videos as it use to do in the older versions (Though I had the shearing issue earlier, forward a bit and rewind a bit worked perfectly with smooth video refreshing. It was almost like fast forwarding a tape deck. Thats the kind of performance I got earlier).

2. The entire graphics performance seems to be slowing things down. This is very obvious when "zoomed in " in the timeline. When I perform actions like zooming in and zooming out in the edit window while playback, the video stops for a few seconds and then resumes play though the playback isnt stopped. Hitting save while playback is also making the video stop for a few seconds before resuming play again.

3. When I tried to search through actions list the displaying of search results was slow which was never a case with previous versions of reaper.

All these could be related to the graphics issue or it could be completely different like you said. I will leave that to you since you are the best person to judge that.

I have linked a screen recording here about this where you will see how slow the searches appear in the actions window.This might help you to better identify the issue at hand.

CPU Usage : CPU usage is very low while general playback, on a heavy project (more than 85 tracks with audio material for over an hour continuously in the timeline) with a lot of take fx and plugins, reaper only uses around 8 percent of CPU. But while performing actions like forward a bit, rewind a bit or zooming out and zooming in or hitting save or resizing a plugin window or any other window (including the performance meter window) the CPU usage spikes more than 35 percent (not only in a heavy project but also in an almost blank project only with one video item) and thats when the video freezes for more than a few seconds and then resumes playback. When the normal playback resumes the CPU usage drops down back to 8 %. These things never happened to me on older versions running the same projects.

What do you think about this ? Could this be graphics related ?
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