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Hi Marcus, Deric,

Sorry guys, I've been away from the net for a little while, trying top figure out why one of two(new) machines was dropping audio all over the place. It turned out to be a Samsung 200GB SATA2 drive delivering a miserable 45gb transfer rate....Oh well.

Re. the Houston info, Yes I'll summarise the info. set for you Deric.

As far as functionality goes, well I really don't want to make life too complicated for you. I watched the vid.(no wonder it took you so long to make, very informative and professional). The mind boggles at the possible alternatives. There are so many buttons available on the Houston. In fact Houston owners could spend weeks wrangling over how "best" to implement the whole surface.
For the moment I'm sticking to the suggestion that all the buttons above the encoders be user definable, faders, encoders and the buttons in-between, transport controls, jog and shuttle wheel as your implementation of the 01X. That just leaves the buttons surrounding the numpad.

Marcus, This is definitely where your input would be much appreciated. I'm pretty sure that you and Deric are more aware of the more subtle functions of Reaper than am I. I must admit that every time I plug in Soundcraft-Houston (well, they did manufacture it) I see unpleasant clunky images from some software I used to use. These can border on the equivalent of photo-epilepsy, which worsens with additional coffee and cigarettes. Last time I became fully conscious after one of these bouts I had the impression of several fader-tops embedded in my forehead. Please help me out!

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