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Default Before reporting a bug, stop all scripts

I was thinking this should be included in the sticky post or mentioned somewhere. With the ever increasing popularity of "scripts extensions", now this is more relevant:

Before reporting a bug, make sure you are not running any script.

I know many scripts are only used for some time and then you close them or they do something and the terminate. That's not generally problematic. But some, like my script Track Inspector, are designed to be docked and run there the entire session with you. They constantly do things in the background, and this gives you new functionalities, which also means that you use more CPU of course, but also new bugs can happen.
I would feel bad if a bug is caused by some of my scripts for example, and it make Devs to lose time on reading a report that is not for them, or even worse, making them trying to duplicate the issue.

This post was inspired by the latest reports on the pre threads about some performance degradation when using undo. And I was in panic for a moment thinking it maybe was my script which does some things when undoing.

So please be aware about scripts before reporting bugs. And if the bug is caused by the script, it should be mentioned clearly. That's all. Thanks!
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