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Originally Posted by KevinW View Post
As someone who mixes on headphones for lots of reasons, I got a lot out of this thread. It would seem that the current conversation has run it's course. Imispgh seemed to have a goal of protecting passersby from being told that VRM doesn't work at all. Mission accomplished. I do believe it might help some people. Others also shared their opinion of being skeptical of the usefulness (some of whom had first hand knowledge of the unit as well), presumably so that potential consumers could make an informed decision. Being just such a potential consumer, I truly appreciate both perspectives.

I wonder if we can just move along before this very useful thread degenerates to lounge fodder. Of course that's not in my control, but I just wanted to share my opinion as a benefactor of the knowledge shared so far.
Yes part of my goal was to avoid people thinking it was useless or didn't work at all. Not even remotely true.

The larger point though was about true experience and how it is responsibly exercised.
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