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Default starting lines

Hello everybody.

My first post, here.
Can anyone point me to the meaning / sintax of the starting lines of the rtconfig ?
I have read the Walter manual and done a search here but can't seem to find it.
I noticed that most of the lines are a set of variables and since they have a "_", they are "extra variables" but I'm not able to place them in context with the rest of the file

things like
"mcp_vupeakheight 4
mcp_mastervupeakheight 4
mcp_altmeterpos 0
use_overlays 1
transport_showborders 1
tcp_vol_zeroline 85000000
tcp_pan_zeroline 67000000
mcp_vol_zeroline 00000000
mcp_pan_zeroline 00000000
trans_speed_zeroline 99999999"
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