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Behringer X-Touch Compact....

With virtual MIDI ports created and routed (via LoopMIDI and Midi-Ox)...

I get an endless feedback loop of CC74, when Klinke's extension is enabled and I have my X-Touch's virtual midi ports on the input and output.

When I use the standard Mackie Control protocol, I get an OCCASIONAL blast of CC73 coming from the input.

Everything's fine if I don't have the virtual MIDI ports enabled... but the reason I do is because I'm trying to use the Compact with two layers: A & B, and with all the Mackie-specific messages (literally mostly MIDI notes on channel 1, like, literally)... on a Layer, but not "powered up in Mackie Control Mode".

People have gotten this to work... and it's great because Layer A... you have 40 buttons to assign as synth plugin things, and 16 encoders, plus 9 motorized faders. So, the best of both worlds is being in "Mackie" mode... (with one Layer), and switching to the other layer for general MIDI control.

What I can't figure out is why the feedback loop...


Why can't I midi-learn anything from the one layer? I have MIDI Device enabled for control messages, and the virtual midi ports enabled in Control Surfaces, so I get all the fader feedback.

I'm pulling my hair out. Barely slept for like 4 days.

Please, someone help. Someone provide a step-by-step method of getting this to work. Please.

Thank you!
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