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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Am I right understanding that something like Playtime is the core feature of Ableton (rather than being a general DAW for e.g. mixing multitrack recordings). This in fact is a good thing but nothing Reaper should be considered to follow.

Well, Ableton pretty much originated that workflow, sure. However, Ableton isn't ONLY that. It's a full DAW too where you can work in a more traditional DAW timeline fashion as well. But using the session view also allows you to live-record "improv" arrangements into the timeline to edit further in a more traditional manner. It's not just for live use.
Numerous other DAWs have adopted/included this workflow as well. It's very useful, and more "flowing" than working in the timeline directly.
And you can also do traditional multi-track recording while you're at it.
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