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Default VST3, REAPER and MIDI Program Changes

I attempt to build open source GM/SF2 capable VSTi using VST3 and FluidSynth. The only license clean combination (GPL3 + LGPL2) I could find.

As some of your probably know, Steinberg has decided to... kill MIDI. What was strait forward in VST2 (discontinued, no new licenses can be obtained) simply does not exist in VST3.

While CC solution is half way fine (just 1000+ parameters...), my current PC (Program Change) solution irritates me.

What works so far:
I create 16x Units, ProgramLists and related ProgramChange parameters. Then PC are delivered as parameter changes and the synth works as expected. But, I get 16x128 "build-in presets" in the REAPER preset list.
a) REAPER does not create Unit preset hierarchy
b) I can select only one preset (my understanding of VST3 units is different)
c*) while PC is working, build-in GUI does not update. Can be just old REAPER on Linux where I develop it, so not critical.

Am I doing something wrong? Can something be improved on REAPER side?

I have tried to create Parameter without list: no PC delivery. From the Internet, Unit with kIsProgramChange Parameter should be sufficient. But it seems like REAPER also checks preset lists.
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