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Originally Posted by analogexplosions View Post
My system is a dual booting hackintosh (Windows 10 on an NVME drive and macOS Mojave on an SSD).

My macOS install works perfectly and I currently have exactly zero issues with it. That being said, I rarely boot into macOS anymore. I'm preferring Windows 10. A decade ago, I would have never considered Windows for my work. Now, the Apple ecosystem just isn't what it used to be. They still have some flashy features that are crazy nice, like Aggregate Audio Devices, CoreAudio in general, and iOS device integration.

I'm still preferring Windows 10 though.
You are the opposite of myself then, I have a dual boot Hack and I use mac OS Mojave about 95% of the time for audio work. Whilst Win 10 is pretty decent and most of my apps are cross platform, Win 10 still feels a bit clunky. Using files in Finder is so much quicker and more fluid for me. Dark mode is lush, core audio is better. But it's whatever you prefer and completely subjective. I don't really use the Apple ecosystem, I have an android phone since the hardware is better (like PCs and why a Hack is so appealing to me running mac OS on upgradeable hardware). However, for me there isn't really a lot of difference at all between iOS and Android, whereas Win 10 still has a fair bit of catching up to do for me in regards to desktop systems.
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