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I have had over 10 macs of all size and color. Just got the new Mac mini to complement my 2013 Mac Pro and Mac Book pro. I love using them. I see many of my friends using PCs with just as much success. It costs what it costs. Isn’t the discussion superfluous? We buy with our hearts, or should say, our conditioned minds. I am sure there is a PhD or two on the topic. If you have the money and like the mac, it’s ecosystem etc, get it. If you prefer PC go for that. I have a company making active pro monitors - APS. We make products we think are good, consult with loads of folks from the industry. Which doesn’t mean everyone will like them. Some do, some don’t. We keep getting suggestions about certain things that just aren’t our cup of tea. I think the same is true for most companies. They listen but they have to do it selectively. Otherwise nothing would get out there.
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