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Hi, I had this idea for a feature that could be really powerful for live sessions using Playtime, but I'm not sure that it would be possible within a plugin framework.

The idea is having having Reaper analyze a midi input's tempo and then applying quantization and tempo to the clip afterwards. The purpose would be for playing live without a metronome and without a set tempo beforehand, but have playtime or Reaper set a tempo as soon as Playtime clips are enable.

Thus you could have a dynamic live performance, but still use playtime for looping without having to worry about metronome clicks. When the playtime clips are punched in, you simply use that as you rhythmic baseline, which could be more musical and intuitive way to perform with clips. It could also alleviate problems with input quantization while not being able to hear the metronome, and time issues, if you are a little slow or fast on the beat. You wouldn't need a dedicated headphone mix, when using playtime.

You could add precision to the analyzation by defining what midi notes are set as kick, snare and hi-hat and have it set a tempo based on those factors.

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