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Originally Posted by gonX View Post
Setting wnd_vis=1 under [mastermixer] in reaper.ini causes a segfault for me.

Running the application under gdb or valgrind gives no indication of a segfault happening, so my guess is it's a Heisenbug.

Here's the relevant crash info I was able to get from the kernel logs:
Aug 18 18:06:38 m kernel: reaper[9793]: segfault at 38 ip 00000000007780af sp 00007ffd2a7470c0 error 4 in reaper[400000+7d7000]
Aug 18 18:06:38 m systemd[1]: Started Process Core Dump (PID 9795/UID 0).
Aug 18 18:06:38 m systemd-coredump[9796]: Process 9793 (reaper) of user 1000 dumped core.
                                          Stack trace of thread 9793:
                                          #0  0x00000000007780af n/a (reaper)
                                          #1  0x00007f08f5d6489d n/a (
                                          #2  0x000000000069d311 n/a (reaper)
                                          #3  0x00000000005f95eb n/a (reaper)
                                          #4  0x0000000000775f01 n/a (reaper)
                                          #5  0x00000000006fe521 n/a (reaper)
                                          #6  0x00000000009d354b SWELLAppMain (reaper)
                                          #7  0x00007f08f5d75428 n/a (
                                          #8  0x00007f08f5a6c526 n/a (
                                          #9  0x00007f08f5a9de45 n/a (
                                          #10 0x00007f08f4974368 g_main_context_dispatch (
                                          #11 0x00007f08f49745b1 n/a (
                                          #12 0x00007f08f497463e g_main_context_iteration (
                                          #13 0x00007f08f5d774aa n/a (
                                          #14 0x00007f08f5d51e08 n/a (
                                          #15 0x0000000000820ade n/a (reaper)
                                          #16 0x0000000000704fed n/a (reaper)
                                          #17 0x0000000000412a19 n/a (reaper)
                                          #18 0x00007f08f5dfb223 __libc_start_main (
                                          #19 0x000000000041801a _start (reaper)
If it helps any, I'm on i3wm, a tiling window manager.
Can you grab WDL sources and build a debug build of libSwell:
git clone
cd WDL/WDL/swell
make -s DEBUG=1
ln -sf `pwd`/ /path/to/reaper/
then we can at least see the libSwell symbols in the crash trace...

Alternatively: can you email your reaper.ini to support at cockos dot com and I'll try duplicating with i3wm but of course if it's a heisenbug...
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