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Default Reaper Linux!

Hi guys, here is the thing. I just completely LOVE Reaper.. it is the ONLY Daw that does what I want and let's me change..
thing is this. I want to stop Windoze. I have dual boot now on my machines...
native Reaper on linux would make my day.
(yes, with KXStudio it works real well under Wine.. I don't want that, sorry!)
Reaper is SO amazing. . I am greedy. I just want it native Linux. :-)
btw? if you use Linux seriously you do, as i do, consider Ardour 5.11...
it works..
Reaper is such a brilliant program Rapid Environment etc.. is very well said and perfectly true.... so..btw
btw??? am curious? if every system on this planet, runs under Linux, and, if reports are correct, even the ISS changed to linux? why on earth, does one have to fight to get a native Linux music? the whole internet, banking, everything, even Android runs on Linux.. so, Reaper? the best program ever?
please! I repeat. I LOVE Reaper. I just want it native Linux so I can , at last, stop needing Windoze.

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