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Originally Posted by Garrick View Post
Last time I tried native access it didn't play ball but that program is a simple convenience. Kontakt is solid in wine 2.12
On ubuntu 17 and you can authorise your libraries in kontakt itself.

in wine cfg I have only 4 overrides. In wine 1.9 it was triple that. Those 4 overrides accommodate kontakt, toontrack, ableton, liquid Sonics, d16, addictive keys, sgear(but yet to authorise*), garritan, cytomic, and then the rest that didn't need any help, reaper, nebula, ..etc and the list is whooping big now.
Some serious effort and love has happened in wine land.


* now authorised, so flexnet can work.
Yeah, I'm impressed by how far Wine has progressed recently, and more windows vst's are running with less overrides than in the past.
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