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I wrote something like this a little while ago. Tweaked with suggestions from ashcat and Tale. Set the smoothing value very high to get a more exaggerated effect. This follows an exponential curve.

desc:volume adjustment smooth gain utility function (SaulT wBabaGvaluemods + Tale)

slider1:0<-150,60,0.1>Adjustment (dB) (-150 = -inf)
slider3:200<1,2000,1>Smoothing (ms)

  adj1=slider1 > -150 ? 10 ^ (slider1/20) : 0; 
  coeff = exp(-5/(slider3/1000*srate));


adj1_s = adj1_s*coeff + adj1*(1-coeff);

spl0 *= adj1_s;
spl1 *= adj1_s;
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