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Originally Posted by Retro Audio Enthusiast View Post
If this were 2001 or even 2006, I would agree with you.

However, DSP coding has now got to the point that emulations of hardware are indistinguishable. Coders and industry pros all agree.
I disagree. Dsp emulations have gotten much better, but there is still a long way to go. For example, one thing that I just realized the other night about why I hate amp sims is that they lack in harmonics. I got to playing around with Overtone GEQ (a harmonic eq) at different points in the signal chain, and it made a big difference in getting closer to the sound of a touch responsive amp, although it came with a downside of sounding on the harsh side. But having those upper harmonics is so much more satisfying than what amp sims do on their own.

As with amp sims, I hear what many compressors, saturators, filters, and synths are shooting for, but they never quite arrive to the point of satisfaction.
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