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Yeah, I'm only half joking of course.

It's interesting (to me anyway) to see the features develop in soft synths.
I sometimes visit KVR when I'm feeling masochistic bored with acoustic instruments, but the overriding focus there is largely on what's the latest toy or the "realest analog sounding" and noticeably an obsession with automation and modulation. They're not neccessarily bad things, but....

To me, that excessive focus on modulation comes from a restlessness and trying to create something that feels meaningful by making it ever-changing. Like you can banish the dullness by distracting the attention from it.

It doesn't often work unless your already talented or tuned in; and if it's mostly pre-set then it kind of defeats the purpose of feeling that you're creating on-the-fly.

Even Brian Eno said you can play a reasonable hit song by holding down one key of most modern soft-synths. How many people are playing softsynths "live" at gigs in any meaningful sense of "playing live"?

No doubt some are, and I'm not a synth-hater, but a lot of "live" stuff is arguably a few button pushes away from just putting on a CD and miming.

In a documentary on youtube, Eno picks up his electric guitar and explains that he'd like synths to be more like strats. "There's far too many options with modern synths. Not like this guitar.It's limited to just a few basic sounds, but they're very useful basic sounds".
Or words to that effect.

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