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Hi, I'm a brummie (sighs of boredom) I now live in Luton.

I jumped on the digital "bandwagon" in 1997/8 with ejay. I've graduated up to reaper via cubase SL, cubasis,Massiva, data becker (still the most efficient audio recording app(until reaper)I also use Making Waves to sketch MIDI ideas out.

I play guitar, acoustic, electric and bass and am learning the mandolin (love it!) I play a little keyboard and thank the LOrd for MIDI editing.

I use ez drummer but it crashes reaper on my set up - soI use it inside eXT - long-winded but works.

I'm getting older so I've cut my working hours down to have abit of quality of life. I gig occasionally, I play in our church band - now me, a pianist and a sax player.

My wife comes from Cosby (Leics). Her folks still live there.

Regards, Roger
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