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Just the suggestion that we crave to hear imperfections is WAY off base!
Of all the stuff I've ever recorded or even been a part of recording throughout my entire life (that's a long time)... The ones with the imperfections and things the band thought and were outright mistakes, were always the ones most loved by the audience and the most enduring songs.

Humans, on the surface crave perfection but they long for character and uniqueness which perfection simply doesn't provide. It's that itty bitty scar on your Ex's face you miss more than their surface good looks every time. It's a strange thing really, we are conditioned to only except perfect yet it's the non-perfect that keeps us up late and crying in our beer at the end of the day.
Clever is not the same as good, clever is from the head, good is from the heart. -Benmont Tench
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