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Originally Posted by martifingers View Post
I have no answer but am very tempted by Mike Oldfield's approach (only I have only a hundredth of his talent.)
Thanks for posting. Oldfield uses to record all by himself, right? It really helps when you don't have to deal with others, since "people are complicated machines", but in a band you have to try and make everyone get inspired, not to fall into that Beatles' kinda feeling like you pointed so well.

Originally Posted by tls11823 View Post
One day, the drummer had a suggestion. Why not start with a rehearsal recording and, one by one, lay down new tracks to replace the original ones?(...) It was interesting enough that people didn't get weighed down with blindly playing, and everybody had a good time in the process. (...) so nobody had to hang around listening while others were recording.
That's an interesting approach! I thought of something similar, but in my case I think it would push us back to the “non-fun” environment, since there would still be one musician listening to a recorded performance, playing alone in the studio... only that the performance was a live band, not one or two scratch parts... We might in the end do it a little, since recording like I described we'll end up with no bleed in most of the parts and eventually we'll have to overdub something. As for the “nobody had to hang around” part, this wasn't an issue for us, since I used to call only the musician who would record that day, and so on... but again, you approach is a good solution and we may indeed end up doing some of it, as overdub sessions might take place.

Originally Posted by jacobestes View Post
(...)what we got was the feel was not like how we play, and the drums sounded terrible when in the final mix. It ended up sounding awful compared to the demos we were doing for ourselves to study the songs in progress. (...) It's not because I think it's a better way to record, but that we get better results this way.
I do get a good sounding record when I track us separately, and in fact we have recorded one song this way, but due to errors in tempo I discarded it (might solve them with some editing, but I'd rather spend my time recording again). Even the drums are good, and the feel is good too. But the process showed a little too awful for my mates, so to us it's not about technical issues, but psychological issues instead! A little harder to overcome, but keeping things simpler I think we can do it. In the end it's like you said, “not because it's a better way of doing it, but that the results are better”!


Thanks for the replies, guys! Let's keep it up as we're getting good stuff here!
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