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Default New Gcon pro released!!

We left many of the best features in the QCon Pro and QCon EX intact. But beyond the sexy new paint job, we've updated some components and redesigned some operations for a more robust and intuitive workflow.

UPDATED DAW MODE: We simplified the DAW mode in the new generation. Now instead of scrolling through a list of DAWs, users choose 1 = Mackie Control (for most of the most popular DAWs), 2 = Logic Pro (for Apple Logic Pro), 3 = Pro Tools (HUI mode for Avid Pro Tools) and 4 = User Define mode (for other DAWs, and custom maps). This change improves mapping, simplifies operation AND increases the number of DAWs we can support.

MORE DAWs & UPDATED OVERLAYS: Now with overlays for FL Studio, Digital Performer, Adobe Audition, and Studio One, as well as Cubase, Nuendo, Reason, Ableton Live, Samplitude, Bitwig, Logic Pro, Reaper, Sonar, Pro Tools, Logic Pro and a User Defined mapping. And the overlays now have a dash of color to make it that much easier to find the operations you're looking for.

UPDATE HARDWARE - New Faders, Encoders and Jog Wheel: The G2 version of the Pro and EX now sport the same top of the line Alps motorized faders that are in our Platform series and QCon Pro X controllers. The jog wheel has also been updated and recoded for greater accuracy.

BACK IN BLACK: The QCon Pro and EX G2s are now even more suave and salacious in an anodized matte black finish."
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