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Hi all !!
Well this seems to be a fairly spasmodic/erratic bi annual sticky; so just my kind of glue !
I'm Fred from the New Forest, Hampshire (well it's not that new, and there aren't that many trees ; but it is some ancient English kings' hunting estate ; anyway, I digress...). I play guitar (badly) and keys (worse), and record my noise on a Mac Book Pro (OS 10.10.2), and a Desktop PC (Win 7 Pro 64), using Reaper DAW.
Yes I am 'ambiOSdextrous', but struggle sometimes when it gets to more than half a dozen tracks, or a couple of pints. I have my next session with the Psychiatrist in a couple of weeks !
I came to Reaper from Pro Tools (8/9). When Avid took over from Digidesign, I switched to Cubase for a while but was never really happy. Then I discovered Reaper, and so far have not looked back !!
So see you guys soon I hope...
Kind regards,
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