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yeah, I know what the x,y should be, what gets me is why the data in the text file from the full circle at max, doesn't show EB EC EB EC as it moves in an arc. A straight line on axis would be as you described EB EB EC (moved a little off).
Just thought the data was weird.

If my thinking is right, then it's a circular grid, like a dart board. Rather than a standard linear grid. But that still doesn't follow the data in the text file.

Just wondering why?

Edit, I think I've made sense of the text file data,
Bear with me...
Moving from
12 to 1:30 you get EB 00 41 (roughly) to EB 00 7f, with EC 00 7F (constant no change)
1:30 to 4:30 you get EC 00 7F to EC 00 00 with EB 00 7F (constant)
4:30 to 7:30 you get EB 00 7F to EB 00 00 with EC 00 00 (constant)
7:30 to 10:30 you get EC 00 00 to EC 00 7F with EB 00 00 (coststant)
10:30 to 12 you get EB 00 00 to EB 00 41 (again roughly) with EC 00 7F (again costsant)

I was still thinking of the x,y plotting as linear even tho I knew it couldn't be and should be like a dart board.
If only the plot motion pattern had been a diamond rather than a circle, it would have all been so obviously clear. Lol.

I can now rest...

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