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Default Fixed "my" problem with the g3Player

Originally Posted by Yfoiler View Post
Well... I bought two of the Groove 3 tutorial products. The downloads went fine, but the gPlayer app doesn't work for me. Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong? The extractions went fine and I see the files in the folder but the player opens with the spinning Icon and says "Loading...".......forever. That's as far as I get. I've posted to support over at Groove 3 but thought maybe someone here could point out what I'm doing wrong so I can get started now... Thanks for any advice/help...
For anyone interested, or may have the same thing happen to them, here's the fix for my problem above. When I extracted the downloaded files, the extraction on my system (Vista 64) created a file named "data" in the destination folder. As the extraction continues this causes a dialog box to pop up saying there is already a file or folder named data in the destination folder and I either have to select "skip file" or "run". So I end up with NO data in the destination folder. My work around is to simply drag the original DATA FOLDER (with the individual videos in it) from the source directory into my destination directory where the unzipped g3Player resides. All works fine now. I have no idea why Vista unzipped the original download with a file named "data" in it but that's what caused the problem. The videos now play great and I'm a couple of hours into them. GREAT JOB KENNY!!!! Been using Reaper a couple of years now and already learned a few new tricks! I highly recommend these tutorials. Thanks!
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