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Originally Posted by bungle
Somebody tell me who the hell is Kenny Gioia and why the hell should he be paid a bunch of money for what users have been getting in here free off bbb/myself and various other users ?


I didn't have a clue myself who KG was (Thanks for the Wiki link richie43!) but I don't feel that he is making $$ off the backs of all the great contributors to the Reaper community, which includes...

1. The help in these forums

2. The SWS Extensions

3. The GREAT ReaMenu's

Why? Because as good as Pipelines, Gearwire, etc videos were, these KG vids are a collection of useful, to the point lessons that are all done in the "Now", not spread out over 100 updates between V2 & V3...these apply to V3 as it sits all at once.

I never win anything, and I REALLY hope to win this series, but if I don't, I will be scrimping to get this collection. Moneys is tight, but this is one of the few investments that I can call really useful from what I have seen....
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