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Originally Posted by chip mcdonald View Post
Ok... I'm not sure what is going on with you and WT relative to me today, but you apparently want to argue semantics?
No. Your wording confused me so I asked for clarification. When you clarified, you made it sound like I should have known what you meant. But I didn't. So I told you why I didn't. That is all.

Originally Posted by chip mcdonald View Post

Theme tweaking is a subjective preference of the user.

It used to be under the "preferences" menu.

For some reason it was removed, and hidden away.

Now, I'm not Noam Chomsky, but I choose to refer to the premise that since it was made more difficult for the user to find/access/be aware of, it was

"taken away".
I would simply argue that that is your opinion. I've never known for the dev team to move something in order to "hide" it.

Theme tweaking is a pretty deep dive into editing the program. I would argue that it never belonged in the preferences in it's current state.

IOW - A few basic functions could be preferences. But you can basically design a theme with this action. It's next level complicated and isn't for every user IMHO.
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