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New release available: ReaKontrol v0.93

Changes from previous release:
+ 4D Encoder LEDs for track navigation implemented
+ Refocus bank: Also scroll TCP and MCP view in Reaper to show selected track
+ Change volume of selected track with 4D encoder: Coarse = 1dB per step, Fine = 0.1dB per step
+ Change scrubbing: move cursor to next/previous grid division
+ CLEAR button: Remove active take(s) one by one (very useful after e.g. loop recording)
+ COUNT-IN button: Start recording with a count-in
+ QUANTIZE: Toggle MIDI Input quantize for selected track (note: no visual feedback on keyboard rg quantize state)
+ LOOP & 4D Encoder rotate: Shift time selection forward/backwards

Preview for upcoming release:
The next release will introduce "Extended Edit / Arranger" functions in ReaKontrol not currently offered by NI's deep integration for any other DAW...
They will be useful when live looping, layering or quickly sketching phrases and small arrangements.
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