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Default I might have stumbled onto the cause & solution

I think I've figured this one out. As I get a lot of mix projects from outside sources, beyond what I record in my studio, often times they are recorded at different sample rates. So even though my interface is set, say, at 48K, the project might come in with files recorded at 44.1. Hence, wordclock connection between my audio interface and the ADAT connections to the wordclock (a piece of UA gear) becomes "unconnected" until I reset it. When I boot up for the first time, the system will default to whatever the most recent project was open when I last shutdown. If it's different, and the connection is lost, no MIDI in or out - nothing.

Now that I have that bit sorted, so far today, the MCU has been working like champ as usual. I'll keep you posted should anything change. But for now I think I've got this thing licked. Cheers!
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