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Originally Posted by Klinke View Post
Mmm, I have never seen this error message. Have you tried to connect the MCU with other software? Do you always get the error message when you try to select the MIDI in/output in this software.

E.g. you could install MIDI-Ox, select the MCU MIDI-Input and check if the MIDI Input Monitor of MIDI-Ox show events when you press a button or move a fader.
I've never received this message before yesterday; hence I'm puzzled too. I wonder if there could have been some bizarre windows update that might have had something to do with it?

I haven't tried any other software (a yours has worked so brilliantly until now), but I'm willing to give it a go. MIDI-Ox - I'll look it up, and let you know what happens. And thank you for responding so quickly!
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