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Originally Posted by Drak View Post
My apologizes for the long winded newb question....

EDIT: Nevermind the below long winded question. I finally figured it out. I'll leave my post below anyways. Watched a youtube video on using X touch with Ableton Live and I didn't set the hardware up properly. You're supposed to power on the X touch holding down the far left select button.. From here I selected MCU and USB. Works great now!
You said you selected MCU and USB. I see only an "MC" option. That's the right one correct?

This is the vid you're referring to correct?



I just bought an X touch universal. Running Windows 10. But I can't get it to work. I have it plugged in, and the scribble strip panel and jog wheel light up when plugged in into the computer via the USB and the unit is turned on. I'm running reaper 64 bit.

I downloaded reaper_csurf_mcu_klinke_v0_6_4 zipped and unpacked it under program files/Reaper (x64)/plugins

Here I have the folders FX and MCU (which has the sub folders 64bit_version, Config, Overlay, PlugMaps as well as the files DefaulActionsReaperKeyMap, gpl-2.0 and whats_new).

under the main plugins folder I have:


as well as some other .dlls, but the ones I listed are related.

When I load Reaper, I've gone into Options/Preferencs/Control Surfaces.

There is nothing currently selected. So I click Add -> Control Surface Mode - >

and I have the following options:

Mackie Control (Klinke)
Mackie Control Extender
Mackie Control Extender (Klinke)
Mackie Control Universal
Mackie Control Universal (Klinke)

As well as some other options including Presonus Faderport (I have a faderport that I no longer use).

I selected Mackie Control Extender (Klinke) but not sure what to click for Midi input and Midi Output.

Regardless, it doesn't do anything. The X touch remains the same, with nothing functioning. Just the scribble strip lit up and the jog wheel lit up. I've tried the other Mackie Control Options, with the same results.

Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks Drak for leaving this up there!
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