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Originally Posted by BoogieBear View Post
Well hello again all you X Touch fans!

OK so my new unit arrived from Thoman today and I have it installed

I also got an email back from them saying they had recieved my old returned unit and there was no fault found!!!

Well, I have to agree! When I plugged into my PC (WinXP) no response from from the unit at all so after removing all the control surfaces from REAPER and going into MIDI device settings I think I see the problem

When the X Touch first installs it does the usual new device found routine and reports device installed correctly and ready for use BUT! It actually installs two instances of the driver labeled USB Audio Device (2) and guess what, they are both labeled as Audio Device (2) but they do not appear to be the same

After trying evey which way round in the MIDI sttings box I finally got it work - Yippee!

In the MIDI Device settings the mode is <disabled> In both the MIDI input box and the MIDI output box

This setting also appears to work on the FaderPort which I have working quite happily alongside the X Touch

Has anyone else come across this naming issue?

Hey BoogieBear! I just ordered the X Touch and looking forward to getting it working as well.

Have you found everything working with the X TOUCH in Klinke's latest build?

If not, what's missing and what's the work-a-round? (if any)

Any tips would be awesome!
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