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Originally Posted by Klinke View Post
I have uploaded a new version ( to bitbucket:

In this release several bugs are fixed:
- "Folder view inc parent" setting does not count the folder track when calculating the bank pagination (#15)
- Reduced XML output (to project file) (#21)
- Support of RUDE SOLO led (#13)
- Move to root when return from folder mode to flat mode (#20)
- Freezes when all 8 channel stripes are used as anchors (#5)
How do I know which version I have? I just downloaded everything from your original link from your first post.

When I right click on the .dll it says "Date Modified 5/25/2016" so I assume this is the latest version correct?

Also, I have the Novation MK II and the X TOUCH coming. Novation uses Automap 4.10. Will these 2 units work together or will their be conflicts? I can also
plan on plugging in 1 unit at a time (for now) since I'm not setup for having both.

Thanks and will donate once I test everything out!

Thanks Klinke for all you do!
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