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Default LED lights - rational


I noticed when Reaper is stopped, the STOP button LED does not illuminate. The PLAY button LED illuminates when playing. If I press PLAY while it's playing, it pauses playback and the STOP LED illuminates.

Would it not be better to have the LED's work like this:

STOP - STOP LED illuminates solid.
PLAY - PLAY LED illuminates solid.
PAUSE - PLAY LED blinks, signifying it's paused and needs to be pressed to unpause.

I also noticed the FFW/FRW buttons don't illuminate at all while being pressed.

In the lower lighting environment of my studio, it would be nice to have at least one of these LED's illuminated at all times, either a solid light or a blinking light. This way I can easily see where the transport controls are, and press the correct button based on the color and solid/blink status.

It seems like the LED's in the transport panel aren't being fully utilized.

So naturally, I'm curious about the rationale behind it.
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