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Originally Posted by ulfh View Post
this looks very nifty; have you approached reaper devs to take on this instead of their mackie control surface stuff? seeing as your support for mackie control emulation is more complete...

also, just got a mac so I'm of course wondering if an OSX port is reasonable or not, or is there anything super windows specific in the codebase?
I had sometimes contact with the reaper devs, they are really helpful when I needed some advice from them. But we never talked about adding the extension to the Reaper installer, but even I do think that this is not a good idea (e.g. I use the JUCE library and therefore the UI doesn't fit into the Reaper UI).

The codebase doesn't have a lot of window specific parts, but when I tried to do a Mac port I had already a lot of problems to create a XCode project. So I think it's reasonable to do the OSX port, but it must be done by someone who has more experience with OSX development for Reaper extensions than I have.
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