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Default I like the peakhold on the meters. Mute track 2 prob...

I just got this going today, with most recent version.
30 on the refresh is nice.
I like the meters with the 0 peak hold on the mcu pro
They might have been there before, but I like them.
Any way to adjust how long the peak hold is?

Track 2 mute not functioning as intended.
Mackie Universal Pro
Reaper 5.18
Mute does not seem to function. It takes multiple presses to make the mute button light.

Might be my button... midi ox requires firmer button press to result in note sending...
Anyone know what button to replace the mute with?
Part number or acceptable substitute?
KeyMce/GenMce - pc keyboard/midi to Mackie control emulation (built with ahk). Also - an ahk script to build your own midi programs.
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