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Originally Posted by stw View Post
So i exchanged all but the VST files from my folders with your IPlug files. Unfortunately with no luck. Neither my plug nor the IPlugEffect example works afterwards (concerning the automation issue). So there must be something else in your setup what makes the difference...
IDK, but I have suffered that experience many MANY times. What works for someone else didn't work for me. Believe me, I know it's frustrating!

Maybe Oli or someone else has an idea where to look? If your plugins work in Reaper but not in Logic I would have to assume it's something in the AU files that Logic is being fussy about - but sometimes where you THINK the problem is is really somewhere else.

Does auval give any clues or does it say "PASS" for everything? I've had plugins pass auval 100% and still not work in Logic. IMO, auval is a very POOR validation tool but sometimes it does find something.

Another tool I use is Tracktion's "PluginVal". It gives a lot more info about issues:
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