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Originally Posted by Nonlinear View Post
Here is a link to all of the WDL-OL iPlug files I have fixed and/or customized with input from others on this forum - try building with the AU files from this folder and see if you get any different results:

You can download demos of my plugins from here:

All of these plugins were built in Xcode 10.3 as 64-bit only. Oli made some changes to WDL-OL for 64-bit builds just before he archived it. Make sure you have his latest version (now ~2 years old).

Again, AFAIK my plugins work properly in Logic Pro X 10.5.1 on all OS (Intel) but not Logic 10.6.1 in any OS - so, IMO, the bug is in Logic. I have reported it to Apple; no reply.
Thanks for providing your files!
I tested one of your plugs on my setup and can confirm that it writes automation data in Logic 10.5.1. !0.6.1 also works correctly for knobs but not for switches - as you already pointed out.
So i exchanged all but the VST files from my folders with your IPlug files. Unfortunately with no luck. Neither my plug nor the IPlugEffect example works afterwards (concerning the automation issue). So there must be something else in your setup what makes the difference...
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