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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
I disagree.
Your reasoning, please? It is seriously distracting. And yes I spent some time with it. It just goes against the grain for no good reason, and does not fit well visually, at all. Care to show any other host that has dark themed ME that has blindingly brighter frame in a completely unrelated hue around it?

Should I go on or can you see a pattern here? I am really interested in your reasoning. If it's just to be different from everybody else for difference's sake... I cannot believe you don't see this as a huge detriment to smooth workflow for longer hours. But then again you said you're a light MIDI user, so you're never spending those longer hours in the MIDI editor...

Originally Posted by Funkybot View Post
Evil Dragon's mock-up (or example) has a good use of color and looks a big improvement to me too.
It's not a mockup, it's my tweak of RADO v4, theme I actually use.

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