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I've really been spending a lot of time on the notation editor recently and I have a question if something is currently possible please. It will save me a lot of time if my efforts are futile

It's probably easier if I phrase this in two parts.
First, is it possible (either by script or native to notation editor) to automatically insert dynamic markings according to the velocity of a note? For example, if I play in a C major scale in real-time, stop the recording, and go to the notation editor, can I run a script and have dynamic markings appear under note(s) like mp, mf, ff, etc. according to a velocity range?

This is absolutely huge if possible, sure it'd be overkill for a printed final draft but for a lot of us it'd allow us to eyeball at a glance the overall score and see elements clearer and faster than manually assigning as needed.

If this is not native, could a script be written?

Basically, if a note has a velocity between X and Y, put an mp marking attached to it, etc. repeat for all notes in a selected area.

I think this would be an outstanding addition. Thanks for helping with this. I can't seem to figure this out myself, sorry. I know maybe this might not be the most effective or efficient way, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling.

Second part of question is, how can I assign a custom action to at least fast-input dynamic markings in certain areas? Fast?
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