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Default Noob question

First a short "Hello..." to the community.
I'm new to the WDL stuff (in fact i'm just beginning with C++) and try to get my head around different things. My Plugin coding experience is limited to SynthMaker so far hence i'm facing a lot of new stuff.
Anyway most progress comes from plain learning by doing, and that's what i do at most basic steps right now. So please be patient if i'm asking really stupid quesions.
For now i just try to get some of the GUI handling straight and am stuck just at the very beginning. I started with the simple IPlugEffect project and tried to apply a background image to the plug.
I defined the unique ID and path in the resource.h
#define BG_ID         102
#define BG_FN		"resources/img/bg.png"
and called
pGraphics->AttachBackground(BG_ID, BG_FN);
The bg.png resides at the defined folder.
The VST2 project compiles without errors but as soon as the host trys to laod the .dll it crashes.
So what am i missing here?
Any help appreciated...
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