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Daniel you rock! I've been using Xhip's Clipper on my acoustic drums, because I wanted to go native Linux. I have Windows based brickwall limiters, but prefer to not use them if possible.

First thing I did was replace five instances of Clipper with five instances of TLs-3113 and to my surprise, they held the line just like Clipper was doing without me having to adjust anything.

My use of brickwall limiting has always been to just shave off peaks that stand well above the other content. I like to run tracks until I get occasional peak lights flashing, then brickwall to keep them at bay.

Thanks for providing this much needed tool. Xhip's Clipper has only a peak light unlike easy to read VU of the TLs-3113, and it's rotary controls are a bit too touchy for me, where your controls seem to move with a more positive feel. Thanks again and keep it up!
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