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Originally Posted by vdubreeze View Post
Seeing that you're pulling some parts of Filther and giving them their own focused plugin (a great idea), allow me to ask if you'd consider doing a similar dedicated wah js with the terrific wah filters you have. I can't seem to get them to do exactly what I want within Filther so having a wah plugin where the parameters go from only a little further than one end of a normal wah parameter to just a little past it on the other end (rather than from deep earthquaking lava pit insanity to outer space war meteors with a wah in there somewhere in the middle ) I would love it !
It may be a while but it's on the to-do list (was also requested by FoxAsteria I think). I first want to get some better quality anti-aliasing going since I need it for squashman and the crybaby also depends on it. Don't expect the load to be lower than in Filther though. That one was just pretty expensive.
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