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Thanks everyone. I'll post here whenever I develop stuff on one of 'em.

Originally Posted by Eliseat View Post
I tested the Tone Stacks recently but for some reason they down level the volume really hard. Is that plugin meant to simulate the tone manipulation of their (Marshall, Fender) amps? (treble, presence, bass, mids etc?)
Yes, with gain compensation off, they emulate what the real devices do (most eat up a lot of gain). Turn on normalize gain to peak to re-normalize the result (this was added in 0.03). Maybe the version you had didn't include this yet.

Originally Posted by Eliseat View Post
The nonlinear attack for Tight Compressor is very appreciated. But I struggle with the 50ms decay restriction. It was way better before to really push the release hard against the beat of a drum loop. And writing in those short times to get the effect back isn't really intuitive. I know that's useless in the case of less rhythmical material like basses, guitars or voices but it was part of its aggressive character which I really like. And short release times also offer great distortion effects. So ... (I know, I'm begging again!)
I'll make a better scaled version of it soonish. One thing that's a pity in JSFX is that you can't natively make a slider logarithmic, so I can't put [ms] on the axis anymore then. Both logarithmic would probably be best. Attack from 0 to 120 and release from 0 to 1000 or so. I'll display the actual time where the ratio is now then.

Originally Posted by Eliseat View Post
The MS20 cutoff slider would also benefit from nonlinear behavior because it has way to much way in the not so interesting range of high frequencies. While in Filther the 0.5 cutoff gets grip at about 800hz its way higher in MS20.
Yeah. I should probably copy over that new scaling from Filther. Have to add a legacy slider then too though, since this one has been out for a while.
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