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Default Equator D5 Isolation Pads

Didn't see another reference to these yet, so I figured I'd put it out there. (If I missed another post/thread, forgive me.. I'm getting old. lol)
Equator's added D5 isolation pads (a la MOPAD) to their product line.

They're $19.99 and, I figure, a good compromise between spending twice that on Auralex pads and building my own... which would most likely not be as effective, anyway.
Ordered mine yesterday, shipped out today.

They are slanted only, but it turns out that is perfect for my current setup. Sized exactly the same as the D5 (7"x 8.5"x 2" in the front. 1" in the rear). And though I could do without the logo on the pads, I can deal with it just fine.

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