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Default "Tuning" Monitors?

So, I've bought a pair of "real" monitors for recording and mixing. Following all of the advice I found researching, and choosing a pair of "neutral" monitors, they of course sound different in my home. My question is...

Do I tune them to sound (after listening to all of the CDs I care about as reference) like I want those CDs to sound... and use that as a reference...


Do I "tune" them to the same CDs as "flat" and unflattering as I auditioned them to be, and use that as a reference?????

My understanding is that monitors should reveal the "imperfections" in a mix. If I just copy my references, regardless of "how far away from the back wall I am", won't my mixes transfer? What did/do you all do when taking monitors from store to home?? All advice I've ever seen has been on choosing monitors, not "tuning" them to one's room.

Thanks in advance for all of your advice/opinions.

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