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OK, change it according to your taste.

So, anyone making themes in Illustrator CSx?! What about the exported .png?! Do the buttons float afterwards in Reaper cause mine exported that way do!
Why only in Inkscape the results are good I am a little bit confused!?

Oh, and mine are 90 dpi in resolution. Please somebody with better knowladge could explain. Most of the buttons in other themes are 72 dpi and looks amazing. In my Inkscape 0.46 the good result is in 90 dpi!

And is there a way every button to has its own name according to its position 'cause it seems that some buttons share the same name thus only one file in the colors' theme folder. Could somebody make a list of all button names?

For example: I want to make different FX buttons! One for the mixer and another for the tcp.
I tried renaming after copying and so on for edit to make two files but it can be only one like Duncan McCloud
Thats why my theme has this H-line on the track panels between FX and its switch buuton. Anyway...
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