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I just took a look at the PC board and molex connectors of the other monitor that was not indicating it was out of phase with the test tone reference wave form.

The two monitors were wired exactly the same at the PC board connection.

The manual says this about the "Flat" setting: "How is the Prolinear DSP's frequency response set at the factory? The response is set to be as flat as possible, typically +/- 1.5 db from 50Hz to 20kHz with advanced bass compensation."

So that means even the Flat setting is not bypassing DSP?

And if the DSP is always in use and differs between the two monitors, given they have different firmware versions (1.10 and 1.20), it's possible the out-of-phase relationship is caused by some difference in programming.

Or, it's possibly how the XLR/TRS female jack for the speaker cable was wired is not the same. Those are Neutrik connectors, and I think it's going to be a pain to get to that.
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