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Originally Posted by sitruc View Post
Whatever is playing, a simple track with no plugins or an entire mix.

32 GB memory
With 32 GB of RAM, why would any buffering problem exist, whether SSD or HD. Unless your preferences are set in a strange way, you know, those 'advanced' tab settings about read/write buffering. I run reaper using tons of recorded takes stored on an external USB 2.0 drive.

And why always 10 minutes. Sounds more like, a possible powersave or screensave feature turning on, independent of app, other than one limitation in reaper seems to be that it doesn't tell macOS to stay awake the way other apps do.

The only thing I have noticed which causes me hiccups on imac is if I turn the project settings to 'Extreme HQ' for resampling algorithm preferences, when playing back something recorded at 44.1k and I'm at 48k (or something similar to that). So did you try turning that stuff to a lower setting, like "(Fast)".

So hmmm, why upgrading to SSD would be necessary for "a simple track with no plugins" .. umm I can't see how that would fix something.

I have had periodic/repetitive audio glitches in reaper, but it was related to having other audio apps also open simultaneously, and these didn't play well together, since the other app seemed to keep forcing the sound to 44.1k and I had reaper set to 48k, so depending on which app I had switched to foreground in various order of app switching, my focusrite driver apparently did not like one of their "interface reinit" sequences (probably the other app, not reaper's fault).


Originally Posted by sitruc View Post
with only an mp3 track playing .
I did have problems with mp3 files at one time.
It was recommended that I switch to a different format, which I did (ogg) and havent had a problem since.

Why not switch to a different format.

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